Saraswati Puja and narratives of our times

These are some narratives/myths/tales around Saraswati puja during our times (with fun). Today’s generation may not be aware of these, I have no idea how they will interpret even if they hear these, but I am sure these form the oral narratives and they are getting to hear with so much fun and laughter. It brings so much happiness to even pen down these narratives. These are our fun tales to tell today.

Saraswati image. Source:unknown

Narrative 1: One should not study on Saraswati Puja day. You may not follow any other Puja rules, does not matter you have prayed to the goddess or not, but must abide by this rule! Should not study today..!

Narrative 2: It is more important to visit other’s schools or colleges or other educational institutions than own. So it’s a kind of ritual to hop on to various puja places and compare, which one is better and console, ours is the best!

Narrative 3: Since you are so stylish today and your friends are equally dressed up, a group photo in a nearby photo studio is compulsory. Make a queue in front of the studio, also look at others how they are dressed up and then wish to look best! This photo will spread the fragrance of fun and discussion over it throughout the year until the next Saraswati puja.

Narrative 4: Today is the day for every girl to think of herself as Saraswati. This is the day to get attention from the opposite gender. So after puja, trolling around the puja places is a practice. Goddess of knowledge bestows love and romantic feelings also today. This day remains a reference day for seeing someone first time or sowing the seeds of romance to someone. All together Saraswati puja is a Day to cherish!

Narrative 5: The puja Prasad – khichri, mix veg, tomato chutney, Bengan fry and kheer (optional). Saraswati’s blessings come only in the name of this Prasad combo. Without it Puja is incomplete. I remember offering some donations also. Maybe five/ten rupees. Now I wonder how our school/college management committee would organise the Saraswati puja. Everyone visiting the puja place would get the prasad! Can not understand the calculations even today…! 

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