I begin again!

It’s never too late! This motivational quote took a long to motivate me, but yes, it is accepted and now I am motivated! From October’21 to Feb’22, a long gap! I was away from weaving my thoughts. But it does not mean I was not writing or my creative mind hasn’t been working, this is just all about not putting the thoughts in place. And yes, not bringing anything to you!
So I motivated myself, it is not late to begin again! It is Basant Panchami. An auspicious occasion to begin again. Being an eastern Indian, this used to be more Saraswati puja than Basant Panchami for me. But now this perspective has changed. I have started learning many beautiful aspects associated with this day by living more than two decades of my life in northern part of India.

A series of facts will be presented regularly from today. I begin with tales/narratives around the Saraswati Puja which I believe my contemporary east Indians will readily agree with.

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