lessons we can learn from a dog….

Bahavshee Svalpasantushtah sunidro laguchetana,

Swamibhaktashcha Shoorashcha shadete shvanato gunah

Deriving satisfaction out of eating a little even in the famished condition; being alert despite being deep in slumber, faithfulness and bravery – these qualities ought to be learnt from the dog. The dog has this unique capacity to derive satisfaction with whatever it manages to procure to eat despite its famished condition. It is believed to be the most faithful animal. It is also a brave animal even against the fiercest odds. In saving its own or its masters life, its murderous streak is unmatched.

Above Sutra is an extract from a publication of Om Books International. Chanakya, also known as Kautilya or Vishnu Gupta wrote once, what one can learn from various animals. I am fascinated with his description, where he states the ways to impart knowledge on every practical aspect of life. Kautilya (I chose to refer as), was a great scholar, adviser, economist. His Arthashastra is the greatest treaty of all time.

Being associated with animal welfare for ages, through JBF India and also as an owner of a little creature Puchki, I adore Kautilya’s description of qualities we learn from the Dogs. These learnings contribute towards peaceful coexistence in our society.

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