World Music Day 2021 and me…

Music is a system of communication involving structured sounds produced by members of a community that communicate with other members – Anthony Seeger
Thus, structured sounds, which we consider as means of communication, are the gene of a community, a society, a civilisation. can we even imagine a life without those sounds? A life without music? The importance of music in our lives has never been less. It has increased during the pandemic – Covid too.
But today I am not going to write in the context of Covid, instead, I am happy to share how I have spent the day today, i.e. World Music Day!
Some beautiful things happened today. Being an Archivist of an audio-visual archive, dealing with Ethnomusicology and their archiving, we need to have many technical understandings connected to audio and video. Today we had a wonderful session with one of the doyens of the sound world, Umashankar sir. It was an amazing session to learn the basic factors connected to audio recording specially for analog materials and digitising those. We discussed the formats of preserving archival records and the ways to decipher the reasons for the anomalies, about terminologies involved in digitising and creating metadata, about the existing glossary and so on.
A fruitful World Music Day indeed!

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