A Mind’s Illustration

Mental Health. What is it? Well, dear reader, If you are here to just read a simple article then, please look forward to this one-of-a-kind article, if you are here to learn about mental health differently, then, you have come to the correct place! This is a simple conversation between you and me where we exchange opinions about mental health. The only different thing is that you will be reading my thoughts and speaking about your opinions in your brain. Well, then, let’s begin our quest to prove that mental care is (a little bit) more important than skincare!
Mental Health has many different layers included in every single thing about it. When raising awareness about it, we need to take care of reaching most of the population, the slogan should be catchy, the design should be cool, the awareness campaign should be so influential that even the sleepy next-door aunty knows about it. When a person is going through therapy or attending mental health courses, they have to first introduce themselves, they get to know about their food, movie, their best-kept secret till date (the best part) and know more and more about how important it is to know about mental, etc. Now, before we even go around knowing more about these courses and raising awareness etc., we should first why it is so important to talk about mental health. Mental health is such an important part of lives which is not given that much attention, as compared to my younger sibling, who always gets the attention (just kidding, I am an only child, that younger sibling is my dog.) The current situation has made do a rain check on our mind, body and soul and the mind part translates to mental health. I have also heard people committing horrible mistakes during this pandemic, due to not even speaking about the mental health struggles they are facing.
The pandemic does have its fair share of benefits-
1- We get to attend school classes from bed
2- No fear of physical exams.
3- The best time to do something that is actually productive
4- And most importantly, TALK MORE ABOUT MENTAL HEALTH
People with mental health problems are facing an even more difficult time during the pandemic. They are scared to sometimes open up about their illness, even if they do open up, they might start having even more anxiety due to the pandemic. There are infinite reasons to hate the pandemic like, not meeting friends, missing school more than you ever have missed it in your entire existence, getting too much homework/ assignments from school (You did not hear this from me.)
But, most importantly, it is the time people will be more vulnerable to mental health problems. So, this is a topic that needs to more spoken about than talking about how bad today’s breakfast tasted in the morning or, how boring today’s school classes were. At least, it is a topic that an I-wonder-about-life-too-much person like me enjoys to discuss and discuss with those who face such kind of problems. I have been attending these therapeutic workshops organized by several organizations and they are so fun to attend, (especially art therapy workshops, in my opinion). I am so happy to see that there the awareness about mental health has increased during the pandemic so much! But, there are still so many qualities of it that are yet to be explored, dear reader. Mental health might seem like a very deep topic, but, it won’t be once you get to know about it, it is wonderful. In the end, mental health will be helpful to us in many ways.
So, if any of you are facing any mental health problems, Don’t be afraid to speak about them, I know it can be difficult (trust me) but, once you do, everything will be fine. People who care about you will be there to help you get through the tough situation.
There is skincare, manicure, pedicure, hair treatment and whatnot! But, what about mental care? So, dear reader, if you find this article somewhat informative, then, now is your chance to raise awareness about Mental Health.
And finally, TALK ABOUT MENTAL HEALTH FOR CLEAR SKIN. Like seriously, Mental health is worth talking about.
Stay optimistic, everyone.


5 Replies to “A Mind’s Illustration”

  1. So well written n explained,how our mental health should taken care always on the top priority. Inspired with this beautifully written article.👏 Loads of appreciation.


  2. Very beautifully explained..A very good writing Anwesha (Diya).. keep it up… our best wishes are always with you….Nupur Aita


  3. A very good writing and she has explained it very beautifully… our best wishes are always with you…. keep it up…. Nupur Aita


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