International Museum Day (IMD) and me

A day to celebrate, a day to feel proud to be a part of the museum fraternity! Today, unfortunately, this IMD has come to us in a different form! 

In 2020 when we were celebrating IMD with a series of online talks, we thought of that as another way of celebration. Little did we could imagine that in 2021 also this day is to be celebrated, rather with more grief and sorrow. 

Personally, the first step towards the world of museums was the National Museum and the National Museum Institute, New Delhi. This is the place where I have understood and started to enjoy museums and simultaneously received the Masters and Doctorate degrees. The journey continued. 

Today, IMD brings me into a kind of situation, where I hesitate, I  think twice before wishing my fellow museum professionals a happy IMD. It is tough to wish them and to say enjoy.. say celebrate! This pandemic has snatched away from us so many lives associated with the museum world. It has obstructed us to visit museums and extend our knowledge, it is not letting our children understand the value of a museum in our lives! When will those beautiful days come back when we used to plan our weekends for a museum visit…! How will we continue creating awareness about museums in our society? How will we successfully contribute towards the preservation of our heritage through museums if we have to continue surrendering ourselves to this pandemic?

Above all, National Museum is getting demolished in the name of Central vista or something! The National Museum of India is getting demolished!!!!

I will cherish my memories with the National Museum of India forever. I am sure millions of others will do the same. 

Let me wish little hope, little rays of sunshine, which will stop the museum world from further desolation. Positivity will rule over. Happiness will thrive. 

It is the time to recover, rethink, reimagine museums….

Happy International Museum Day!

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