A Guest post by Opera India

Karam kar dije


The world needs prayers, and who else can call out to the Gods better than children?

Children; we need them, the world needs them, and yes, they need us. They need us to be disciplined, non-violent and understanding. Nothing else.

This bandish in Raag Desh calls out to Khwaja Moinuddeen to protect each one of us in times of misery and yes, in happiness too.
This prayer is from them, the children, to you and me, to help us create a better world for each other.

Nandhini Elangovan is a student of Abinav Sridharan. Hailing from a non-musical background, her understanding of music comes through immense practice and humility that is well seen in her performances. 

This is a video produced by Opera India, a collaborative venture initiated by Abinav Sridharan to promote a synthesis of musical cultures from all over the world.

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