Diary of a Covid affected December evening..

A friend of mine called this evening. He was upset, wanted to express some griefs. I was anxious. Started listening, letting him to just express. He was shattered! Brokedown! Lost a true friend. Fought over the phone, a soulmate was lost.
He was confused. A soulmate can not be separated. No one can understand better. A friend with whom all the emotions of life were getting shared, with whom everything could be discussed without hesitation, a friend in crisis, a friend in happiness! The friend is not a proper word probably. A relation! Yes, he said its a relation without the name. It is an understanding, a comfort, a solace! No matter how far he is, no matter how busy he is in his work or his personal life. Just a call or message away!
Alas! The Covid-19 effect!!!
Many thoughts are coming to my mind. How deeply our minds are getting effected. We know we have to live with this new normal life, still struggling and trying (unknowingly perhaps) to avoid? To reject? Where are we leading to?
An evening passed with a heavy heart. How many of us must have lost friendship or other such relations. Thank you, my friend, for sharing your grief. I hope you are a little relieved! I understand the pain of losing a soulmate and getting confused if a soulmate can be lost also! I understand the pain of letting someone go whom I always wanted around!!
Covid-19…are you again succeeding shattering us? Nah!!! should not let you do so..

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