December acquisition: A book ‘Krishna in the Garden of Assam’ by T. Richard Blurton

About the book: This beautifully illustrated book brings an extraordinary and important object Vrindavani vastra to a wider audience and to illuminate the culture of Assam, where devotion to Krishna continues to this day.

Vrindavani vastra: This is a rare piece of textile from Assam, India. It was believed to be weaved during the late 17th century. Remains of Vrindavani vastra is now preserved in various museums worldwide. This is a figured silk textile.

When I was at the British Library as the Rutherford Fellow, I had the opportunity to view this rare textile at the storage of British Museum, London. It was an amazing experience – a rare sight of one of the richest heritage of my native land!!! Thanks to T. Richard Blurton, the then Senior Curator, South Asia collection, British Museum, London. I sought permission to view Vrindavani vastra at the British Museum with few research problems. But the research progress remains extremely slow as usual. But fortunately, Covid-19 enabled me to rethink over the problems.
Few write-ups on Vrindavani vastra is ready to bring into your attention. I am expecting an elaborate discussion over this part of the heritage of Assam.

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