An ode to a teacher

‘May the almighty God bestow on you progress prosperity and happiness in your life’…. This is a message received from my teacher on the occasion of Teacher’s day on 5th September 2020. What a wonderful start of the day it was!!
Well, if I say just teacher, it is not at all appropriate. He is a mentor, a friend, a philosopher, a guide! Dr A. K. Das. For the students, he is our Das sir. At the time he was holding the Maulana Azad Chair at the National Museum Institute, I happened to reach Delhi for my higher studies and as my sheer luck, I had sir as my local guardian. At a time when mobile phones were unheard of, Das sir was the lifeline number!! He guided my Masters Dissertation, my journey into the world of ‘jobs’. My Doctorate Degree has been obtained under his supervision-my PhD supervisor which we commonly refer. He taught me to carry out various research projects, every single aspect, from meeting some Resource person or conducting research-related fieldwork or publication of my first book, the publication of my first article…oh the list is endless!
As I moved forward in my professional life, Das sir guided me and supported me in all the crucial junctures of my professional journey. I am so blessed that I could even work with him when he was a Tagore fellow of the Ministry of Culture. Official processes were also learnt from him. He has been standing solid in my transformation from a student to a professional.
I can dedicate pages after pages writing about this person who shaped me as the person I am today. I would like to count these blessings of Das sir forever. I express my gratitude and indebtedness to him, I want to thank you, sir, for being the escort of my journey called ‘life’.

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