Skylark (Alauda arvensis)

Skylark fly high and hover above meadows, singing crystalline enchantments before parachuting down into the undergrowth as if protected by the notes. The Lark rises and breaks hearts. Source: Our Songbirds by Matt Sewell, Caught by the River

‘Abuj Aloran’

'Abuj aloran' is a mysterious feeling connected to seasons. It echoed sometime during one of the 'Phagun' of my life. Phagun induced the feeling that continued till one of the 'Bahag'. It continued echoing from my heart.. continues..not finding the tangibility yet…still perplexing..

Creativity, Expression and Preservation of Tiwa Art of North East India

The Tiwas, also known as Lalungs are one of the major tribe of North East India distributed mainly in central Assam. Among the Tiwas each village has a Samadi, an institution called youth dormitory. Samadi is a platform type house without walls and erected in a central place of the village. Only males are eligible …

Bharatnatyam performace by Anweshaa D. Raja

Another Covid -19 effect!! Children are indoor, learning online, maintaining social distance, learning to live a new way of life! Happy to share a Bharatnatyam piece by Anweshaa D. Raja. She is maintaining social distance during this Covid-19 crisis, but not distancing herself from the enthralling art form. A glimpse of her Facebook live performance …