Dear Moms,

Greetings on the occasion of World Music Day!!

Hope you all are managing your lives in a meaningful way during this pandemic. We all are sailing through the same crisis worldwide.

Isn’t it still a great surprise? An unprecedented lifestyle has been presented to us leaving without any option of rejection or contradiction and we have to only abide by this untimely unwanted nature’s command! Unbelievable!

But isn’t it also interesting to realise that we are managing with food even though there is no interest in cooking, because we don’t want to order food from outside? We are cleaning and maintaining hygiene, because we equally care for our domestic help! We are taking care of our children’s activities because we are concerned that they have been indoors for a long time! But at the same time we are not stopping from working beyond our office hours. Our work outputs are no less than working at our workplaces!

On one side, we are managing with a few difficulties, but the other side is equally beautiful! Hadn’t we almost forgotten when we ate lunch together on a weekday? Hadn’t we forgotten when we last sat with our children and read a storybook together? We had forgotten, when we all family members entered the kitchen together and cooked some (not so) tasty dish! We are enjoying those small beauties of our lives during this pandemic because we are moms! We moms have however forgotten when did we have some ‘M’ time for ourselves too.. 

Myself, a Mom, Managing that ‘M’ time, along with Music, is proving to be a great Motivating factor and keeping my days in Maintaining a Meaningful rhythm. I have been Managing an orchestra of work with Music and living in harmony with the rhythms of ‘work music’. 

This broad genre of ‘work music’ has been in existence from ages, not only amongst humans, but across all species. The sounds of the worker bees are as unique as the grinding songs of the Goan ladies. The sounds of the sparrows chirping to each other while they work to find food are as cheerful as the Li sung by the men and women of Nagaland while doing agricultural work. The melody and the rhythm keep all life forms alive and more interestingly, drive every being to become a better version of themselves than they were before. 

So how about having some ‘M’ time? You are a Mom, you could relate the ‘M’ for Music and Work. You can further decode it as Motivation to Move further with work!

I have been giving an insight into this beautiful world of sound and music. I support you in effortlessly managing your ‘work sphere’ during this pandemic!

The ‘M’moments interactive sessions are conducted online. Playlists of the tracks and other materials are shared through email. 

Hope to share with you, some wonderful and long-lasting ‘MoM’ents.

From Mom Sangeeta

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