COVID-19 and us

(This write up was prepared by Sangeeta and Anweshaa for a newsletter of BBPS Dwarka)

COVID-19 virus has brought so many experiences in our lives. We are living with these experiences, succeeding as well as failing. It has almost become an everyday experiment for us.

One of the beautiful experiences is definitely the online school classes provided by BBPS, Dwarka. An amazing learning experience – it has education and enjoyment both!

Personally, this lockdown declared due to COVID-19 left us away from Delhi. We both mother and daughter had come to Guwahati, Assam and could not go back. While coping up with the new home away life style, following all the guidelines and preventive measures to avoid COVID-19 effects, we have realised that we should also take care of our fellow society members. 

While having this in our mind, we noticed awareness campaign by JBF (Just-be Friendly), an animal welfare organisation in our neighbourhood. It was urging people to take care of the street animals. They informed that street animals have been starving, due to lack of food and water. So, we decided that we will provide food to the street animals of our neighbourhood. We started keeping some water and food. Slowly, street dogs and cats have started coming. We became friendly with them and JBF said, ‘Animals do not carry or spread COVID-19’. We even named the dogs and cats. They also started bringing their friends. So, we have been giving them both lunch and dinner. We are now friends with a gang of dogs and cats! 

Though we are sad, to know that COVID-19 is taking human lives, but we feel lucky that we are taking care of the fellow animals of human. By taking care of the street animals, we hope we will be able to dream a post COVID-19 society, where all nature’s creations will co-exist.

2 Replies to “COVID-19 and us”

  1. That is so generous of you to do this during such difficult times. JBF’s work is also a greatly commendable one.
    So glad to know that you are all taking care of our four-legged (and also two-legged) friends.


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