Dr A. K. Das talking on Corona and Museums

Dr A. K. Das, Director, Lal Bahadur Shastri Memorial Museum, New Delhi, former Maulana Azad Chair, Department of Museology, National Museum Institute History of Arts, Conservation and Museology delivered a talk as part of an online talk series organised by Abhijna e museum on the occasion of International Museum Day 2020. He has kindly given me his consent to make it available for public. Here’s an excerpt..

Corona Pandemic and Museum Dilemma

This year due to the pandemic, the worldwide lockdown has created a vaccum in the socio economic scenario of every nation and the museum institutions are one of the sector which are badly hit by this pandemic crisis. To fight this situation the museums have tried to find alternative and have decided to virtually connect with people. They are opting and designing other programs and are organising online events, exhibitions, lecture series, seminars on the available virtual platforms to remain connected with their visitors. Onlooking the present situation and it’s related future impact on museums a new museum culture has to be evolved.

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