ICTM 2019

Goalpariya Lokageet: Journey of a Genre

This presentation was to trace the journey of a song genre of Assam, a state in the north-eastern part of India. The genre is known as Goalpariya Lokageet. It attempted to study the journey of this genre of songs from the local to a more popular pan-Assamese mainstream genre and the role of important cultural figures in the mediation and popularisation of this genre. (This is an introductory step of my research) It was to understand the socio-cultural significance of this genre in the present context of Assam. The paper raises questions about the popularisation of this genre of songs and the role of the culture industry in this. While the genre has undergone significant changes, there are still issues around the revival and search for authenticity. This in turn is linked to the recent politics of the Assam.

presenting the journey of GL

2 Replies to “ICTM 2019”

  1. That’s a greatly interesting topic! I’m now reading your blogs about the genre. Very interesting to know.


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