Covid19 and me..

Covid19 has manifold effects on me. Along with lockdown and other preventive measures taken by all, I have got some extra excitements to add to these preventions.

Long stay at maternal place! I had to stay back at my parents place due to sudden declaration of lockdown. It is next to impossible otherwise, to stay away for so long from work and family liabilities that also without any stress..absolutely fantastic!

I am finding space for myself. My thought process is getting boost up. Many ideas, many excitements are knocking my mind. Of course, execution of all these still with ….(?)

Happiness from child! Locking her down with us, without companion would have been tough. Now she is also learning to utilise time in a productive way, having fun with family, making me less worried and less involved.

Balanced diet! Yes, having balanced diet regularly, keeping myself healthy and safe! It is or else imbalanced diet almost regularly.

Reconnecting myself! I am able to make it convenient to speak to my distant relatives and friends, whom otherwise I would send a WhatsApp message occasionally. Now I am reconnected with them with personal touch!

Quiet lane! The quiet lane in front of my parent’s house is bliss during lockdown. Regular evening walk, steps count graph is noticeably high!

Digging out my childhood memories. Cleaning old wardrobe, school days books-that old Atlas, the Dictionary, the Ludo, the Chinese checker we played. Such a pleasant walk I am having down the memory lane. And I found something.  A local newspaper of Karimganj district of Assam called ‘Tirthabhumi’, which featured me on 30th August 1985, showing and telling the benefits of ‘Gomukhasan’. 

Me in ‘Gomukhasan’

Covid19..we are fighting together to defeat you. We have been succeeding. But I must admit, you have succeeded bringing my life back in a beautiful way!

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