the weaving thoughts

Sangeeta has been weaving together her thoughts to make a widespread fabric. The fabric contains intricate multiple designs shaped out of her wandering mind. Thoughts are expressed in harmony with the rhythm of art, heritage, AND CULTURE

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Beautiful beginning A beautiful beginning of the year with the publication of an article. This is a motivation for me – to keep scribbling.  Article title: সংগ্ৰহালয় আৰু সাংস্কৃতিক ঐতিহ্য: এটি চমু আভাস Title in English: Museums and Cultural Heritage: A brief introduction Journal name: ’Kshetra Aru Sanskriti, Axom’ is a Peer-Reviewed Multidisciplinary Assamese Web Journal …

December acquisition: A book ‘Krishna in the Garden of Assam’ by T. Richard Blurton

About the book: This beautifully illustrated book brings an extraordinary and important object Vrindavani vastra to a wider audience and to illuminate the culture of Assam, where devotion to Krishna continues to this day. Vrindavani vastra: This is a rare piece of textile from Assam, India. It was believed to be weaved during the late …

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