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Sangeeta has been weaving together her thoughts to make a widespread fabric. The fabric contains intricate multiple designs shaped out of her wandering mind. Thoughts are expressed in harmony with the rhythm of art, heritage, AND CULTURE

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lessons we can learn from a dog….

Bahavshee Svalpasantushtah sunidro laguchetana, Swamibhaktashcha Shoorashcha shadete shvanato gunah Deriving satisfaction out of eating a little even in the famished condition; being alert despite being deep in slumber, faithfulness and bravery – these qualities ought to be learnt from the dog. The dog has this unique capacity to derive satisfaction with whatever it manages to …

Krishna Janma Ashtami and some sweetness with Vrindavani Vastra

Celebration of Krishna Janma Ashtami, brings into my mind another level of sweetness. It always reminds me of the Vrindavani Vastra, a piece of textile depicting the life of Krishna. I have written about it before also. How I got the chance to witness this historic textile piece of Assam and also the book published …

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