the weaving thoughts

Sangeeta has been weaving together her thoughts to make a widespread fabric. The fabric contains intricate multiple designs shaped out of her wandering mind. Thoughts are expressed in harmony with the rhythm of art, heritage, AND CULTURE

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A miniature depicting Saraswati, Deccan-Bijapur school

This is in continuation of my motivation gained during the Basant Panchami, or Saraswati puja. While going through my old notes from my Jaipur days, I discovered a beautiful Deccan-Bijapur miniature painting depicting Saraswati. The old notes were from a plate description by Dr Chandramani Singh, Art Historian and my old friend Sh. Madhvendra Narayan. …

I begin again!

It’s never too late! This motivational quote took a long to motivate me, but yes, it is accepted and now I am motivated! From October’21 to Feb’22, a long gap! I was away from weaving my thoughts. But it does not mean I was not writing or my creative mind hasn’t been working, this is …

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